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Ultralight AD-200 Strobe Adapter for Ikelite 200 Substrobe
AD-200 strobe adapter for Ikelite DS/SS 200 substrobe ..
Ultralight AD-3816 Universal Adapter for Base Use
Use on Ikelite handles (old style), Ultralight trays, Nikonos trays  If your Ikelite tray ha..
Ultralight AD-DHB Digital Handle With Ball For Digital Tray
Digital handle and ball for digital tray. ..
Ultralight AD-GO GoPro Ball Adapter
AD-GO gives you a ball mount on the GoPro's tripod mount.  The ball is permanently mounted, ..
Ultralight AD-HS Cold Shoe Adapter
Fits a number of hot (cold) shoes on housings and ports i.e Nexus, 
Sea and Sea, Olympus, Canon, Sea..
Ultralight AD-HS Hot Shoe Adapter With Ball
Fits in the shoe of the Nikonos V, RS, Motor Marine and Sea and Sea housings for attachement of a cl..
Ultralight AD-HS-GP
Allows you to attach your GoPro camera housing direct to the hotshoe on your UW housing or port..
Ultralight AD-IN INON Strobe Adapter
Ultralight Adapter for INON strobes D-180, Z-220, Z-220s, D-2000, D-2000S D-2000W, D-2000Wn, Z-240. ..
Ultralight BA-AQN Adapter For Pivots And Lights - Narrow
Base adapter - narrow, for use on pivots and lights.  Holes are 1 1/8" - 1 1/4" apart. ..
Ultralight BA-AQW Housing Handles Adapter - Wide
Base adapter - wide, for use on Nexus, Subal or Sea & Sea housing handles.  Holes are 1 ..
Ultralight BA-DB Dovetail Plate (Dovetail Female Groove)
Bracket mounts with flat head screws. Both are interchangeable with other manufacturers parts. ..
Ultralight BA-HB
Ultralight BA-IK Base Adapter For Ikelite's SLR Release Handle
Base adapter for the new Ikelite SLR quick release handle. ..
Ultralight BA-TG "T"-Groove
Base "T"-Groove, slides over ( Amphibico and Sony video housings, Sea & Sea, Subal housing plate..
Ultralight DB-05, DB-08, DB-12, 5", 8" or 12" Double Ball Arm
5", 8", 12" Double Ball Arm  As ilustrated above there are lots of combinations you can have..
Ultralight TR-D Digital Tray
Digital single tray for most Polycarbonate housings ..
Ultralight TR-DM Digital Tray
Digital tray for housings with two screw holes for attaching on the bottom Housings for this tray..
Ultralight TR-DUP Upgrade To Double Tray
Upgrade your digital single tray TR-D to a double tray (for 2 strobes). ..