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Inon Direct Base III
The Direct Base III is a fundamental part to attach arm system. Directly attached on the Grip Base D..
Inon Multi Direct Base II Long
An aluminum alloy base product to attach an arm on the Grip Base D4 or System Base II etc. Total 10 ..
Inon Multi Direct Base II WB
The Multi Direct Base II WB has two ball-joints to have two branches of arm enabling more sophistica..
Inon Multi Direct Base IIa
The Multi Direct Base IIa is a base adapter to add a ball-joint on handle of a digital SLR housing, ..
Inon Shoe Base
A compact arm base to create compact lighting system in combination with Z Joint or Single Light Hol..
Inon Shoe Base Set
A set of the Z Joint and Shoe Base. Useable when shooting with Z-240 Type 4/D-2000 Type 4/S-2000 in ..
Ultralight AD-HS-GP
Allows you to attach your GoPro camera housing direct to the hotshoe on your UW housing or port..
Ultralight BA-DB Dovetail Plate (Dovetail Female Groove)
Bracket mounts with flat head screws. Both are interchangeable with other manufacturers parts. ..