Ikelite GoPro Mount Kit for DSLR Housing

Ikelite GoPro Mount Kit for DSLR Housing
Brand: Ikelite
Product Code: 2602.5
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Price: USD95.00

Capture video while shooting stills!

Product Details

This mount kit includes everything you need to attach your GoPro to an Ikelite DSLR top mount. Standard sized 1-inch diameter ball components are also interchangeable with the rest of the Ikelite 1-inch ball arm system components, as well as arms from Ultralight, Aquatica, Nauticam, and others! 

1-inch diameter ball arms are the standard mounting accessories for their ease of use and interchangeability.

GoPro camera not included and not available through Ikelite.

What's Included
  • 1-inch ball at DSLR top mount
  • Lightweight accessory clamp
  • GoPro tripod mount
  • Hard anodized aluminum
Spare Parts
4081.01O-rings (set of 10)