Inon SD Mount Cage for HERO3/3+/4

Inon SD Mount Cage for HERO3/3+/4
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Protects GoPro® genuine dive housing and firmly holds attachment lens, arm, and flashlight.

■Compatible GoPro® cameras
[In combination with optional dive housing (60m/197feet)]
[In combination with optional dive housing (60m/197feet)]
[In combination with packaged housing]


●SD Mount supports speedy lens exchange

Equipped with INON "SD Mount" bayonet system. With "SD Mount", INON "UFL-G140 SD" underwater semi-fisheye conversion lens or "UCL-G165 SD" underwater wide close-up lens exclusively designed for an action camera like GoPro® camera, can be easily and securely mounted/detached underwater. Off course you can use the SD Mount Cage without any attachment lens

* Both "UFL-G140 SD" and" UCL-G165 SD" are designed for underwater use only and not usable on land.

●Durable Aluminum Protector

Durable construction machined from an aluminum block protects combined housing even in rough condition.

Durable Aluminum Protector



The SD Mount Cage can hold INON "Direct Base III", "Z Joint" or "Z Adapter MV" at its top/bottom surface to install GoPro® camera on various systems for broad application. Packaged "Male Adapter (GoPro®)" can be attached on top/bottom of the cage to use GoPro® compatible accessories.




Besides INON "Grip Base D4", "D Holder" can be directly attached on the bottom of the SD Mount Cage. Two of "D Holder" can be installed on both sides at two different angles for steady and comfortable underwater imaging.


●Tripod Shooting

The tripod screw hole (1/4 inch) on the bottom enables to use tripod/monopod.

* Depending on tripod head design, some tripod/monopod may not fit to this product. Check if your tripod head can hold this product before actual use.

Tripod Shooting

●LCD/Battery BacPac™ compatibility

The SD Mount Cage can accommodate with LCD Touch BackPac™, Battery BackPac™.

LCD/Battery BacPac compatibility


Size 88.5mm / 3.5in (W)×79.9mm / 3.1in (H)×51.3mm / 2.0in (D) (excluding protruded parts)
Weight [air] 183g / 6.5oz
[underwater] approx. 114g / 4.0oz
Material/finishing Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy / rigid black alumite, POM etc. 



[When using SD Mount Cage HERO3/3+/4]
* Compatible housing is GoPro® "Dive Housing (60m/197ft)". The GoPro® "Standard Housing (40m/131ft)" packaged with "GoPro® HERO4/HERO3+" is not compatible. The "GoPro® HERO3" is packaged with the "Dive Housing".
* When using on land, set FOV mode other than [Wide] or use without the SD Mount Cage to prevent vignetting observed mainly in Ultra Wide mode even without an attachment lens. (No vignetting underwater)
* Both UFL-G140 SD and UCL-G165 SD are designed for underwater use only and not usable on land.
* The "SD Mount Cage for HERO3/3+/4" is identical with the "SD Mount Cage HERO3/3+" besides model name and product code




SD Mount supports speedy lens exchange