Inon D-2000 Strobe (Type 4)

Inon D-2000 Strobe (Type 4)
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The D-2000 is a highly advanced new generation strobe with mutiple flash modes, including S-TTL, 24-step External Auto, 13-step Manual & Nikonos TTL for film camera support. It allows "External Auto Flash Adjustment when used with various digital camera systems. The Shutter linked, auto-off Focus and Target Light support both Auto Focus and Manual Focus. 

It is incredibly compact, but has a similar power output to strobes of around twice the length. It also has a huge amount of control over the manual output (critical for digital cameras) and has the controls located on the back of the head. A very compact strobe head at just 100mm in length. The D2000 has a very special circuitry that ignores the digital cameras pre-flash. It comes with sealed battery compartment and focusing light.

The ideal strobe for both simple point-and-shoot and advanced digital camera systems. 




  • Strobe Control : S-TTL Auto, "External Auto", Nikonos TTL and Manual (13 step Manual setting).
  • Focusing Light.
  • Guide Number : 20.
  • Settable Aperture Values : 24 stages of aperture setting with 1/4 E/V adjustment over output.
  • Coverage Angle : 100? x 100? circular beam. Optional -0.5 diifuser 110? x 110?.
  • Color temperature: 5500?K.
  • Batteries (4) AA Alkaline, Nicad or rechargeable NiMH.
  • Recycle Time : 1.7 seconds (alkaline battery, at full flash), 1.5 seconds (NiMh, at full flash).
  • Weight : Air ( 540g w/o batteries ) , U/W ( ~ 30g with 4 AA batteries).
  • Depth rate 100 metres (330 feets).