Inon Double Light Holder LE

Inon Double Light Holder LE
Brand: Inon
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An optional product to attach two LE series LED flashlights on a YS type arm head of the Shoe Base or Grip Base D4. Pairing with the Z Adapter MV / Z Adapter II enables to attach on a ball-joint product with a clamp. Ideal for photography / videography requiring certain amount of light.

   ■Weight: 72.5g (2.6oz) [air] / approx.29g (1.0oz) [underwater]

■Compatible LED Light
LE750-W Type2, LE750-S Type2, LE350,
LE700-W, LE700-S, LE550-W, LE550-S, LE250, LE240

■Compatible arm
●Attached via optional "Z Joint"
Shoe Base, Grip Base D4, D Holder, D Holder Extension Bar
 YS Adapter MV, Double YS Adapter MV, YS Adapter WB MV
YS Adapter, YS Am MS, YS Arm M, Bar Mount
Port Arm for MRS, Port Arm for UFL-MR130 EFS60

●Attached via optional "Z Adapter MV" / "Z Adapter II"
Arm system products equipped with a ball-joint.