H2o-Tools 330mm Carbon Double Ball Buoyancy Arm (+320g)

H2o-Tools 330mm Carbon Double Ball Buoyancy Arm (+320g)
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H2o-Tools 330mm Carbon double ball buoyancy arm (+320g)
The new Carbon buoyancy Strobe arms are lighter and up to 25% more lift
Our flash arms are made ​​of carbon from a very high quality carbon material (carbon fiber - pipe - one-way design fabric with coarse top layer) for the highest standards.
The surface of the carbon arms is sanded and painted.
Through a special adhesive process prevents water from entering the pipe.
The balls are made ​​from high quality anodized aluminum salt water resistant (Almg3).
The lighter weight compared to other arms, does the weight savings from not only the baggage, but also in the water, the case with the arms have less downforce.
The described carbon arm has a length of 330mm and a diameter of 49mm.
The Carbon under  water strobe arm is compatible with flash arms from 10Bar, INON, Nauticam, i-das, UCLS, Ultralight and other manufacturers where has no O-ring in the ball. Compatible bracket for this flash arms is Articla No.: 131230001 and 131230004
∙      Ball diameter 1" (1 inch) (25mm) 
∙      Weight: 182g on land
∙      At water buoyancy +320g
∙      Long 330mm (13,2 inch)
∙      H2o-Tools 330mm (13,2 inch) Carbon double ball buoyancy arm