Inon Stick Arm M

Inon Stick Arm M
Brand: Inon
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Aluminum alloy arm designed as stick shape to have less water resistant, ample durability and super lightweight body all together. Five different effective lengths (center to center distance between both ends balls) from 75mm/3.0in (Stick Arm XS) to 320mm/12.6in (Stick Arm L) are available to select to suit to a lens or subject. Stick Arms carry broad expandability and various functions with wide range of optional accessories attached on the middle of the arm.

■Stick Arm M

■Full length: 221mm (8.7in)
■Effective length: 200mm (7.9in)
■Weight: 66g (2.3oz) [air] / approx.39g (1.4oz) [underwater]
■Compatible options:
 M5 Joint + Shoe Base Spacer
 M5 Joint + Lens Holder for Float Arm
 M6 Joint + Direct Base III
 Stick Arm Float S (one)