Inon Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-100

Inon Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-100
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●Dedicated super dome option for UWL-100 series wide conversion lens to increase underwater view angle by simply attached it on the compatible wide conversion lens to provide "more wide angle image" and "more close-up image" comparing to sole use of the UWL-100 series underwater.
*The "Dome Lens Unit" patented in the U.S.

●Maximum angle of view underwater is [131.6°] with "UWL-100 Achromat Wide Conversion Lens Type1/Type2" and [150.8°] with "UWL-100 28AD"(*1).

●Unique optical design allows to shorten minimum focal distance with super wide view angle thus effective for ultra wide macro imaging and capturing clear image even in poor visibility condition.

●The Dome Lens Unit II is made of optical glass with inner anti-reflection multi-coating to minimize flare and ghost in backlit condition.

●The packaged protector is molded resin with detachable structure to lighten total weight, enhance handy hood position adjustment.

(*1)Optional "Dome Spacer for UWL-100 28AD" is necessary to attach on to "UWL-100 28AD".

Product Specification (*1)

Model Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-100 with UWL-100 Type1 / Type2 with UWL-100 28AD
Outer diameter / Length (*2) Ф132.4mm / 48.2mm
(5.2in / 1.9in)
Ф132.4mm / 85.5mm
(5.2in / 3.4in)
Ф132.4mm / 70.9mm
(5.2in / 2.8in)
Weight (air / underwater) (*2) 460g/ ―
(16.2oz / ―)
― / approx.533g
(― / 18.8oz)
― / approx.400g
(― / 14.1oz)
Maximum incident view angle  131.6° 150.8°
Body Material / Finishing Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy/
Rigid black alumite, Polycarbonate etc.
Glass material / Finishing Optical glass/
Inner anti-reflection multi-coating
Depth rating 60m / 197ft 60m / 197ft


Focus range / Vignetting

★: Optional "Dome Spacer for UWL-100 28AD" is required to combine this product and UWL-100 28AD and compatible "28AD Mount Base" or "28AD Port" is necessary to attach the combined lens unit on an underwater housing.
◎: Directly mounted
○: "PT Housing 67mm Adapter Ring (For UWL-100 Type1 to PT-005/005s/007/010)" is necessary
●: Mountable on compatible M67 Mount Base 
▲: Mountable on compatible M67 Mount Base but possible degradation of image (Type conversion is recommended)
×: Not usable (vignetting / Type conversion is mandatory)