Fantasea EyeGrabber G Series

Fantasea  EyeGrabber G Series
Brand: Fantasea
Product Code: 4054
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: USD66.95

The EyeGrabber G Series attaches to Flex and B&J Arms and allows for secure attachment of optic accessories designed for Canon G Series & S Series Housings when they are not in use. 

Includes a T2 Connector and two different sets of screws, enabling to attach the Lens Holder to any standard Flex or Ball & Joint Arm.


Compatible with:

  • BigEye Lens G Series (Cat. No. 5135) 
  • BigEye Lens S Series (Cat. No. 5139) 
  • EyeDaptor G Series-F67 (Cat. No. 4701) - with any lens accessory mounted on top of the adaptor 
  • EyeDaptor S Series-F67 (Cat. No. 4710) - with any lens accessory mounted on top of the adaptor 
  • RedEye Filter G Series (Cat. No. 5201) 
  • PinkEye Filter G Series (Cat. No. 5303) 
  • RedEye Filter S Series (Cat. No. 5305) 
  • PinkEye Filter S Series (Cat. No. 5307) 
  • SharpEye Lens M67 (Cat. No. 5128) - only when mounted on top of the EyeDaptor G Series-F67 (Cat. No. 4701) or the EyeDaptor S Series-F67 (Cat. No. 4710) 
  • Using the EyeDaptor G9-G10 (Cat. No. 4703) or the EyeDaptor S Series-G Series (Cat. No. 4707) with any of the lens accessories mentioned above, still allows mounting these lens accessories on the EyeGrabber. 
  • Please note that this EyeGrabber is not compatible with the RedEye Filter G7/G9 (Cat. No. 5203) 

Important Notices

  • This lens holder isn't compatible with Fantasea FG16 / FG15 / FP7100 / FP7000 Housings lens accessories. For a lens holder compatible with these housings optic accessories, please see the EyeGrabber F Series
  • Prior to purchase, please confirm that no additional adaptor is required to fit this product to your accessory lenses. Please Click Here to visit the Fantasea Accessory Finder Page.