Fantasea EyeDaptor S Series-G Series

Fantasea EyeDaptor S Series-G Series
Brand: Fantasea
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The EyeDaptor S Series-G Series enables mounting the following Fantasea lens accessories on Canon S90*, S95*, S100*, S110* S120* Housings (WP-DC35, WP-DC38, WP-DC43 WP-DC47 and WP-DC51 respectively).

  • BigEye Lens G Series (Cat. No. 5135) 
  • SharpEye Lens M67 (Cat. No. 5128) - Note that in order to mount this macro lens on the Canon S90/S95/S100/S110/S120 Housing, a second adaptor is also required: EyeDaptor G Series-F67 (Cat. No. 4701) 
  • The following color correction inserts can be installed inside a dedicated slot featured on the adaptor, thereby allowing to restore the colors absorbed by water while making use of the different lens accessories mounted on the adaptor:
    - RedEye Insert included with the RedEye Filter S Series(Cat. No. 5305)
    - PinkEye Insert included with the PinkEye Filter S Series (Cat. No. 5307)

Includes a secure line. 

Important Notice 
Prior to purchase, please confirm that no additional adaptor is required to fit this product to your housing. Please Click Here to visit the Fantasea Accessory Finder Page.