Seacam Seaflash 150Offshore

Seacam Seaflash 150Offshore
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The SEAFLASH 150OFFSHORE for CANON and NIKON sets new standards in design and function.
The housing is made from a special saltwater- proof light metal alloy double hardened, surface protected and high-value anodized.
A clear digital multifunctional display fully lit. Display of the power transfer in 2% steps for each image taken, underexposure warning, flash ready light externally and in the camera viewfinder, battery capacity display in 10% steps.
Power LED 180lm with pilot light automatic in two steps, 10° angle of radiation. Highly sensitive slave sensor adjustable in all power levels, S.O.S. signal.
High quality NiMH changeable battery pack with integrated charging unit, 90-240V power supply and 12V car adapter, quick charge, controlled by –ΔU power off, charging level display, charge time 100 min.



Canon e-TTL, Nikon i-TTL, Dual- TTL, Film TTL and manual power adjustment in 7+5 steps.
Power 150 Ws / 4400 K°, uw-guide no. 14 at 100 ISO / 1m full power.
Illumination 130°
200 flashes with max. power, delay time 0,1 –2 sec.
Flash socket N5 or S6 / Helicoil M8 thread for flash arm attachment.
Spare O-ring set and lubricant in neoprene bag; TTL spiral cable with N5 or S6 plugs and user manual.

Dimensions (L x Ø) : 190 x 100 (90)mm
Dimensions battery pack (L x Ø) : 135 x 40mm
Weight: 1430g, under water –100g.
Operation depth: - 200m