Oceanic Focus is the sole distributor and authorized repair center for Aquatica products in Singapore and Indonesia.

Founded in 1982 as Aqua Vision Systems and later renamed simply AQUATICA, the Montreal-based company was then and continues to be now, the leading manufacturer in North America, of underwater aluminum housings.

AQUATICA later acquired Technical Lighting Control (TLC), it’s aluminum arm division, to supplement its impressive housing lineup with accurate lighting control.

Located in a country known for its rugged diving conditions, AQUATICA has, over the past quarter of a century, gained a worldwide reputation as a leader and innovator in the demanding field of underwater photography.

At AQUATICA, every housing is machined in-house from a single solid aluminum block to strict tolerances, on a five-axis highly specialized machine. It is then anodized to military specifications and powder-coated with special environment-resistant paint. The end result is a highly refined hand crafted tool that when placed in the hands of a skilled underwater photographer helps produce impressive professional images.

AQUATICA’s dedication to excellence has placed it at the forefront of this digital revolution with its products recognized globally for their quality, craftsmanship, ease of use and durability.

The constantly changing conditions in digital photography, both above and bellow the water, challenges the creative and technical ability of even the most seasoned underwater photographers. These image-makers constantly require easy and well thought out access to the ever-changing features of new digital cameras. At the same time they need a bulletproof housing that can withstand the rigors of the tough marine working environment. From icy poles to tropical seas to fresh water lakes, rivers and pools, AQUATICA housings perform flawlessly.

Always listening to its customers, the AQUATICA team has met and exceeded the demands of its users, implementing innovative solutions to each new housing model it launches. This constant search in improving its lineup has made AQUATICA housings and accessories the preferred choice of both the serious amateur and professional underwater photographer.