We’ve been making underwater lighting, housings, and accessories for over 50 years. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is available to help you take your camera in the water and take your photography to the next level. Our products are designed and made in the USA.

It all started with Ike. Ike’s major business in the late 1950’s was painting appliances to match kitchen decor and refinishing furniture. The storefront attached to his workshop was empty and Ike wanted to fill that void. He knew of a guy who ran a dive shop out of his garage. Ike bought the shop’s name and inventory. Soon his passion for scuba diving emerged.

Ike molded our first flashlight in a kitchen oven. Since then, we have expanded into more sophisticated design and manufacturing techniques. But we still make every light, housing, and strobe by hand here in Indianapolis in “the back of the dive shop.”

At this time “scuba” wasn’t an adjective, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau wouldn’t air for another 6 years, and reliable dive lights simply did not exist. The lights on the market regularly leaked or imploded. Ike stewed on this while driving home to Indianapolis with six lights in his trunk that all had flooded in Lake Michigan. By the time he got back to Indianapolis, the concept for “Ike’s Light” was born and Ikelite’s journey was just beginning. 

Our product catalog constantly evolves, with new camera models and accessories being added regularly.

Ikelite products are available through the finest dive, camera, and water sports retailers worldwide. Every Ikelite product comes with the best warranty in the business and with our commitment to provide customer service like nobody else provides… Nobody!

We have your camera covered whether you’re shooting in your pool or under a polar ice cap. Our greatest joy is seeing you get the results you want. Connect with us to share your work, get expert advice, and to let us know how we can help you!

Ikelite “Firsts”

Through the years we have been the first to introduce a few things that we now can’t live without: 

  • Underwater dive light with a sealed beam bulb
  • Diving compass with a rotating bezel and direct reading degrees
  • Digital dive log with automatic depth timer (patented)
  • Housing to use lid snap closures
  • Underwater digital exposure meter
  • Underwater dive light with locking switch
  • Underwater strobes with aiming lights, audible ready signals, interchangeable cords, removable battery packs, smart charging, and battery power indicators
  • Wireless TTL slave sensor
  • TTL strobe communication with a digital camera
  • Underwater strobe with a built-in video light